Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management can be a trader’s worst nightmare, and we understand that. So having the greatest trading infrastructure system in the world would mean nothing without proper risk management. This includes a combination of ideas which manages risk. That’s where Just Perfect Tech tools come into play. Our experienced, transparent, and stable risk management works round-the-clock and helps our clients increase their flow of order


  • Full-time trade monitoring
  • Support and implementation of strategy
  • Daily, weekly and monthly updates
  • In-depth reports
  • Constant risk monitoring
  • News and announcement
  • 24/7 professional support
  • Support and maintenance

Along with these features, Just Perfect Tech can manage the real-time migration of clients between books and dealing with resultant hedge position impacts by either presenting dealers with aggregated net hedge imbalances or automatically placing necessary net hedge trades to eliminate exposure.

We at Just Perfect Tech believe that risk management is a very important part for the smooth operations of a brokerage.
In a fast and volatile trading environment, we step in and help our clients manage their risk to ensure success and profitability for their business.